Automotive – Special Services

Development Partners

Metzeler Schaum GmbH are a qualified development partner for their clients. Our foam know-how, manufacturing knowledge and development competences are available for you in this respect.

No matter if you are looking for materials development, concept design, construction support or a complete component to be developed – Metzeler will certainly be the right partner for you.

“We are foaming with ideas”

Prototyping & Technical Services

Metzeler Schaum GmbH are ready for any needs our clients may have and able to serve any stage of the product development process. We always offer the right solution for small batches, concept, prototype or pilot-production stages. For this, Metzeler Schaum GmbH make use of the latest CAD software for support.

Prototyping scope of service:
  • Cutting model parts according to CAD data (soft foam, hard foam, …)
  • Develop layered foam models
  • Develop manufacture models
  • Develop templates
Technical scope of service:
  • Development of foam formulations in the area of block and formed foams
  • Displaying different materials versions in one tool
  • Test foamings in the client tool
  • Test concealment
  • Downstream production steps can be simulated (embossing, concealing, impregnating, etc.)

You still have some questions? Our specialists will gladly answer them.

System Supplier

Metzeler Schaum GmbH in Memmingen continues to expand its position as a system supplier to the automotive industry. The focus is on the development, production and distribution of interior components made of polyurethane foam.

Our customers include several major manufacturers from the commercial vehicle sector worldwide. Currently, we are also focusing on components for passenger car interiors.

In accordance with our customer requirements, all subsidiaries of the „Cellular Foams“ group of companies are certified according to the respective valid guidelines.

Test Technology in QM

Metzeler Schaum places the highest value on quality. That is why we have access to a wide range of testing equipment in our company.

  • Alpha-cabin and impedance tube for acoustic measurements
  • Thermal desorption analysis for determining fogging behaviour
  • Tensile strength measurement
  • Compression hardness measurement
  • Climate chamber
  • Different fire tests
  • Load-change tests
  • Resistance to light tests
  • Chemical tests

In addition, we rely on strong partners working in close cooperation.

You still have some questions? Our specialists will gladly answer them.